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Wedding Invitation Response Card Wording Examples

Your wedding RSVP card can have a variety of response styles and language used that coordinates with an event theme or acts as a simple means of receiving confirmation of how many invitees plan to attend. Here are some great examples of wedding invitation response card wording along with response styles and a variety of formats.

Example #1

M. ___________________
__Accepts with Pleasure
__Declines with Regrets
Please Choice One of the Following:
___Rack of Lamb
___Seasonal Fish

Example #2

M. _________________________
Number Attending ___________
Please Indicate Your Selection:
______ Vegetarian Lasagna
______ Herb-Encrusted Pork Tenderloin

Example #3

Guest Name(s): _____________________________
____Will Attend ____Will Not Attend
Please Include any Food Allergies in the Space Below:

Example #4

Name: ______________________________
___ Can‘t Wait to Celebrate!
___ Sorry to Miss Out

Example #5

M. _________________________________
____Delightfully Accepts ____ Regretfully Declines
Name(s): _____________________________ will Attend the Rehearsal Dinner
Name(s): _____________________________ will Attend the Ceremony
Name(s): _____________________________ Will Attend the Cocktail Reception

Example #6

M. ______________________________
___ Accepts with pleasure
___ Declines with regrets

Example #7

M. ______________________________
Will __________ Attend

Example #8

M. ______________________________
___ Accepts ___ Regrets

Example #9

M. ______________________________
____ is/are looking forward to dining, dancing, and celebrating
____ has/have to miss the fun

Example #10

Please take a moment to fill in the blanks:
_____________ is/are ____________ to attend
(Your name(s)) (able/unable)
There are ___________ people in our posse.
(total number)

Sending out wedding RSVP’s are essential to gain a guest account and be informed of how many people to expect to your event. Check out this professional video from an Event Coordinator as she shares her tips and advice from almost a decade of experience in the wedding industry.

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