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Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Examples

The post wedding brunch is a great way to bring the couple’s families together after the wedding event as everyone winds down from the festivities before. Traditionally the wedding brunch may happen nearby the wedding location to make everyone’s travel distance convenient. When planning this event, here is a look at some great post wedding brunch wedding invitation wording examples you can incorporate.

Example #1

Lets gather once more to celebrate the times we’ve shared, the friends we’ve made. Join us for a Post Wedding Brunch.
on [date] at [time]

Example #2

On Sunday morning, don’t pack and run. Stay around a bit longer for a little more fun. Have some food and drink to start your day to toast the bride and groom before they are on their way.
[day of week], on [date]
at [time]

Example #3

Love is here to stay…
Let’s keep celebrating after the big day!
Join us for [name] & [name]
Post Wedding Brunch
on [date] at [time]

Example #4

Join us as we continue to celebrate the
marriage of
Mr. and Mrs. [name]
with a post wedding brunch!
[day of week], [date] at [time]

Example #5

The bride and groom have said their vows. There is only one more thing left for us to now.
Come out [date] to join us
for a Post Wedding Brunch
on [date] at [time]

Example #6

[name] & [name]
tied the knot and are hitting the road!
Join us for a post wedding brunch
as we send the newlyweds off
on their honeymoon.
[day of week], [date] at [time]

Example #7

The Morning After Wedding Brunch. Please join us for a gathering at the home of [name]
[day of week], the [date] of [month]
[time] in the morning.

Example #8

After all the planning, the big day is done!
Let’s keep celebrating the happy couple
with brunch and good fun!
Post Wedding Brunch
honoring Mr. and Mrs. [name]
[date] at [time]

Example #9

The wedding is over but your presence was missed. Please come to brunch Sunday to chat and reminisce.
[name] & [name]
wish to invite you to brunch
at [location].

Example #10

The day after we do, say you’ll join us!
Mr. and Mrs. [name]
request the pleasure of your company
for a post wedding brunch honoring

Here is one wedding brunch that shows how a consistent theme is followed throughout the celebration with matching adornments and fun setting.

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