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8 Best Personalized Wedding Vow Examples

Your wedding is a special, memorable day where both the bride and groom can profess their love to one another before officially being joined as husband and wife. Some couples may decide to personalize their vows, adding a bit of humor or adding their own creative twist to their exchange. Here is a look at some of the best personalized wedding vow examples to inspire you.

Example #1

With this ring, I give you my promise
that from this day forward
I will give you all my love,
and you shall not walk alone.
I have no greater gift to give.
As your love is my anchor,
and your trust is my strength,
May my heart be your shelter
and my arms be your home.
As this ring has no end or beginning,
so shall my love for you be.
As I place it on your finger,
I give you all that I am,
and all that I shall become.

Example #2

Today is mostly an ordinary day….the sun rose, babies were born, people slept in and we just so happened to be getting married.
But the not-so ordinary part is how we are making promises to each other for the rest of our days, no matter how ordinary or unusal they may be.
So I promise to you:
to always laugh with you and to never go to bed angry.
to comfort you in times of sorrow, including rough Buckeye, BlueJacket and Bengals seasons.
to always listen to what you have to say, even when we don’t see eye to eye, and to remember love is saying ‘I feel differently’ instead of ‘you’re wrong’.
to continue to love your children, as if they were my own, as I officially become your partner in their lives.
But most of all, I promise to love you, under any circumstances; happy or sad, easy or difficult, through the sunshine and through the rain for the rest of my days.
I am the luckiest and I couldn’t imagine growing old with anyone else.

Example #3

Maybe you want to go a bit darker. How about a little nod to the inevitability of the zombie apocalypse?

It doesn’t seem like it would be romantic, but you might be surprised:

Do you take [name] to be your husband,
to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish until death or zombies do you part?

Example #4

Name, do you take Name, to be your partner in the adventure that lies ahead?
Do you promise to walk by her side to the ends of the earth?
To love, encourage, and support her in her every endeavor?
Do you commit to opening yourself up completely to her and share with her your entire being?
To share her laughter as well as tears?
Do you take her as your wife for now until the end of time?

Example #5

I am proud to take you as my husband/wife.
For all the time we have been together, there has always been the kind of mutual understanding which is only shared when there is true love.
You have helped me triumph over challenges presented,
Encouraged my personal growth and boosted my self-esteem.
You have helped me become the person I am today,
And with your help, I will be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday.

I vow to trust and value your opinions, and stand by your actions.
I pledge to always treat you as my best friend and equal.
I will ask for help when I need it, and offer help to you always.
Let us be friends and lovers, and grow old disgracefully together.

Example #6

I promise to always leave the lights on in the bathroom
I promise to mysteriously take three hours to make a simple omelet
I promise to create a life for us of unexpected and strange adventures
I promise that I will love you.

I pledge to listen to your advice, and occasionally take it
I pledge to never take score… even if I’m totally winning
I pledge to always admire your huge, strong, kind and determined heart
I pledge that I will love you.

I vow to listen, for as long as it takes for you to feel heard
I vow to watch in awe as you kick ass and take names
I vow to be your unrelenting cheer squad on the days it feels too much
I vow that I will love you.

I believe that ‘me time’ is an actual concept, that can be proven by science
I believe that carefully folded socks make you happy
I believe there is no time or place I’m more content than when you’re close
Because of this and so, so much more… I believe that I will always love you.

Example #7

I promise today to be your navigator, best friend, and wife; honor, love, and cherish you through all of life’s adventures. I swear to always and forever be your confidant and you mine. I vow to grow old with you and to keep the kid in you alive. I take you today to be my co-captain of team [Last Name].

Example #8

I choose you to be my husband/my wife, my partner in life.
I promise you my unconditional love,
my fullest devotion, my most tender care.
Through the pressures of the present
and the uncertainties of the future,
I promise to love you, honor, respect
and cherish you all the days of our lives.

You are everything I need
And at this moment I feel that all of
my prayers have been answered.
I know that our love is heaven sent
and I promise to be here forever and always.

I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities,
to lend you strength to reach your dreams
I promise to take care of you, to encourage and inspire you,
asking that you be no other than yourself.

From this day forward you shall not walk alone
My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home.

Here is a helpful video on how to write personal wedding vows. Answer yourself the following three questions before writing your most memorable and creative wedding vows.

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