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5 Cherokee Wedding Vows

A Cherokee wedding ceremony can be a beautiful event especially when it is performed in the outdoors. Whether these traditional and ritual elements are considered ancient or old fashion, in modern times, Cherokee weddings can leave a lasting impression on your family. For those looking to embrace these traditions, here is a look at some Cherokee wedding vows to share.

Prayer #1

God in heaven above please protect the ones we love.
We honor all you created as we pledge
our hearts and lives together.
We honor mother-earth – and ask for our marriage to
be abundant and grow stronger through the seasons;
We honor fire – and ask that our union
be warm and glowing with love in our hearts;
We honor wind – and ask we sail though life
safe and calm as in our father’s arms;
We honor water – to clean and soothe our relationship –
that it may never thirsts for love;
With all the forces of the universe you created,
we pray for harmony and true happiness as
we forever grow young together. Amen.

Prayer #2

Powers of nature, we honor you. Protect these ones we love.
We honor mother earth and ask that their marriage be abundant and fruitful, growing stronger through the seasons;
We honor wind and ask that they be lifted up to soar through life, safe and calm as in their fathers’ arms;
We honor fire and ask that this union be warm and glowing with love in their hearts;
We honor water to cleanse and soothe this union that it may never thirst for love;
We honor all that is under the great sky as they pledge their hearts and lives.
Of all the powers of nature and the universe, we ask for harmony and happiness as they grow forever together.

Prayer #3

Now you feel no rain
for each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold
for each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there will be no loneliness for you.

Now you are two persons,
but there is only one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place,
to enter into the days of your togetherness.

And may your days be good and long together.

Prayer #4

Beginnings, fresh and clean, part of the Sacred Wheel
Each morning is a new opportunity,
To share our love, our Souls, and Spirits,
With those who choose to Walk this Path along with us,
To learn the lessons of the Wheel, and grow closer,
To The One Who-Created-All.

Each day is fresh and unblemished, clean and pure.
Look around, Rejoice in the New Beginning,
The Sun rises again, our hearts beat within our bodies,
We draw fresh Breath, and re-enter the World.

Set aside the pain of past days, each day begins afresh,
Build upon the past, its lessons and joys,
Be strengthened by the love within,
Reach out in love to those around us.
For each day is a gift, given but once.

Prayer #5

o gi do da – ga lv la di he hi
Our Father, heaven dweller,

ga lv quo di yu – ge se s di – de tsa do v i
My loving will be (to) Thy name.

tsa gv wi yu hi – ge sv – wi ga na nu go i
Your Lordship let it make its appearance.

a ni e lo hi – wi tsi ga li s da – ha da nv te s gv i
Here upon earth let happen what you think,

na s gi ya – ga lv la di – tsi ni ga li s di ha
The same as in heaven is done.

ni da do da qui sv – o ga li s da yv di – s gi v si – go hi i ga
Daily our food give to us this day.

di ge s gi v si quo no – de s gi du gv i
Forgive us our debts,

na s gi ya – tsi di ga yo tsi na ho – tso tsi du gi
the same as we forgive our debtors,

a le – tla s di – u da go le ye di yi – ge sv – wi di s gi ya ti nv s ta nv gi
And do not temptation being lead us into,

s gi yu da le s ge s di quo s gi ni – u yo – ge sv i
Deliver us from evil existing.

tsa tse li ga ye no – tsa gv wi yu hi – ge sv i
For thine your Lordship is,

a le – tsa li ni gi di yi – ge sv i
And the power is,

a le – e tsa lv quo di yu – ge sv – ni go hi lv i
And the glory is forever.

E-mena, Amen

Here is a look at a traditional Cherokee wedding being performed for a couple. This video captures some of the best Native American customs and traditions.

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