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5 Arranged Marriages Pros and Cons

Many people assume that marriage simply involves finding another person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and promising vows that last forever. However, marriage throughout history has not always been about love and emotions. Marriage was and still can be a bit of a transaction or agreement. An arranged marriage is essentially when a family decides who the spouse for their child will be without the input of the child that is marrying. This means that the decision of who to marry is taken out of the person’s hands.

Arranged marriages normally involve children that are young, but this is not always the case. Arranged marriages can also take place between two adults. An arranged marriage is a tradition in many countries. The countries that practice arranged marriage most often include India and Asia. Arranged marriage is something that is a part of culture in these counties and is not seen as abnormal.

Debate Involving Arranged Marriage

Since arranged marriage is something that is only practiced in specific countries, it is not something that all cultures can understand. There are many people that are opposed to arranged marriage and feel that it is a harmful practice, but there are others that feel arranged marriages are rooted in religion. One thing that can be agreed upon is that arranged marriage is a topic that creates a lot of controversy and debate.

List of Arranged Marriage Pros

1. Promising Future
The goal of an arranged marriage is to have a marriage that lasts and stands the test of time. This means that marriages are arranged with the goal of having the couple bond and become emotionally attached down the line. Couple that are married in this fashion are given time to get to know one another before they are wed. This means that they have time to spark a connection and learn about one another. Many people assume that an arranged marriage is something that the parties marrying have no choice in, but this is not the case. If the couple is married and then decide that they are not a match for one another, they do have the ability to divorce. This means that they do in fact have a choice. They do not get to choose who they marry, but they can choose who they stay married to.

2. Support
Since an arranged marriage is something that both families have decided on, they will provide financial support for the couple. This means that a couple that is a part of an arranged marriage will typically not have to endure the financial struggles that most newly wed couples have to deal with. This means that since the parents are deciding that the couple must be married, they are supporting the couple. By giving eth couple financial security it helps to take a burden off the relationship and allows them to build a connection that will last without the strain of financial responsibility. When an arranged marriage takes place, both of the families have agreed to accept their new child in law and are aware o their new financial responsibilities as a result. This is something that the families agree to before the marriage even takes place.

3. Love is Possible
Many people assume that arranged marriages are loveless, but this is not the case. There have been studies done on arranged marriages that show it is possible for many of these marriages to be based on love after time. This means that many people that are a part of an arranged marriage are actually in love with their partner. The only difference is that they were not in love when they wed. Their feelings often develop and grow with time.

List on Arranged Marriage Cons

1. Divorce
Even though love is possible with time, the divorce rate for arranged marriages is exceptionally high. When people do not have the free will to choose who they marry beforehand, this leads to an increased number of divorces as a result. The biggest problem in a relationship from an arranged marriage is the inability to understand the other person. Many people that are a part of an arranged marriage feel that they are not meant to be with this person and choose to divorce after a short period of time.

2. Lack of Trust
The building block of a healthy and lasting marriage is trust. However, arranged marriages are lacking trust because the people in the marriage do not know one another. They do not really know one another and have not even formed a deep bond. When you do not have trust or a connection, it is difficult to make a marriage work.

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