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25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Examples

Your 25th Wedding Anniversary is one of the biggest dates you will celebrate. Entering into the silver years of your marriage is a great accomplishment that takes overcoming the challenges to make this big success. Here are some great 25th wedding anniversary invitation wording examples that are a perfect way to bring together your friends and family to celebrate.

[name] and [name] request the pleasure of your company at a reception honoring the 25th Anniversary of the marriage of their parents [name].

[names] are requesting the pleasure of your company on their silver wedding anniversary celebration.

25 years have passed quickly and now my best friends are celebrating the silver anniversary. We request the pleasure of your presence as we celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of our grandparents.

A relation based on love, trust and compassion – [names] are celebrating their 25th anniversary and inviting friends and family for dinner.

Celebrating a love as pure and lasting as silver. Please join us on our Silver Wedding Anniversary for a Brunch Sunday, the [day] of [month] two thousand [year] eleven o’clock in the morning. [name and location].

Come and behold true love as [names] have decided to renew the vows on their silver anniversary.

Dinner, dancing and a big party all evening. Let’s celebrate [name’s] 25th wedding anniversary.

Help us celebrate a love that has stood the test of time. [names] are observing their 25th marriage anniversary.

Join our children and friends as we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary.

Together they have experienced 25 years of marital bliss. Please join us as we gather to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of our parents.

We invite you to share a special moment in our lives as we celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary join us for dinner and dancing at [time] in the evening on [day of week], the [date] of [month and year].

Here is one 25th wedding anniversary ceremony that helps to renew your marriage for another 25 years as you reaffirm your love to one another.

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