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10 Best Reaffirmation of Wedding Vows

A vow renewal ceremony may be planned at any time during the marriage of two people. Whether you are celebrating your fifth, tenth, or twenty year anniversary, here are some great examples to reaffirmation of wedding vows you can recite during your ceremony.

Example #1

My beloved __________________, you are my biggest supporter, my confidant and my best friend. ___ years ago we made a pledge before everyone we love to stay committed to one another and to love one another for the rest of our lives. Today my heart rejoices and sings as we celebrate that promise, which has only gotten stronger as we’ve made our way down’s life’s crazy highway together. I am so grateful I met you. You are still the best part of my day. You still have the power to surprise me with how much you care. You still make me laugh until my sides hurt. My biggest desire is that we will still be celebrating these things in another 10 years. My life is complete and secure because of you, through good times and the bad. Thank you for being the one. I vow to always be by your side as a devoted husband/wife and will continue to give you the very best of me. I love you so much…and I always will.

Example #2

My special __________________, it was ___ years ago that we committed to love to one another. We have been through so much together – laughter and tears, joy and sorrow – and through all of it, I can honestly say, things have only gotten better. Today, I want to pledge my undying love to you again. I promise to be there for you always, and I will forever think you are perfect–you are my perfect person! I am here as your supporter, your confidant and your best friend. I love you and I couldn’t be happier that we get to continue this journey together.

Example #3

__________________, in the past I have taken you for granted, and I have done things I am not proud of. And I’ve been wrong–a lot. Yet through it all, I have loved you so much. I am here today to renew my commitment to you, our special love, and our journey together. I vow that you will always be my number-one priority from this day forward. I promise to be there for you no matter what. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy. This is my promise and my vow, my darling sweetheart.

Example #4

When you first joined hands and hearts 40 years ago, you did not know where life would take you. You promised to love, honor and cherish one another through all things. Life has surely brought you both wonderful blessings and difficult tribulations. Therefore, you have fulfilled your promise. And God is smiling! So, as you come here today to reaffirm your wedding vows and as you reflect back over all the years as husband and wife, do you now reaffirm the vows you took 40 years ago? If so, repeat after me.

You are mine, my love, and I am yours, as ordained by God from the beginning of time. God brought us together, kept us together. You are God’s gift to me, my priceless treasure, my blessing for life. May God bless us as we come together before our family and friends to renew our pledge of love to one another, eternal.

Example #5

You are my best friend, my hero, and my love.
My hopes and dreams are forever intermingled with yours.
I draw from our combined experience and feelings in our journey to our dreams.
Our compromise and understanding powers the harmony in our marriage.
Today and in all days, I take shared responsibility for our marriage, family, community and myself, regardless of our successes or failures.
I promise to be forgiving, but not complacent.
I promise to be faithful and true to you in mind, body, and spirit;
to cherish you and respect you;
and to be a source of comfort and support,
free and bound by our love, as long as we shall live.

Example #6

Together, we have built a home that is compassionate to all,
full of respect and honor for others and each other.
Today, we pledge to each other to continue to be loving friends and partners in marriage.
To talk and to listen, to trust, and appreciate one another;
to respect and cherish each others uniqueness; and to
support, comfort and strengthen each other through life’s joys and sorrows.
We promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams as we continue to build our lives together.
May our lives continue to be ever intertwined, our love keeping us together.
May our home be forever filled with peace, happiness and love.

Example #7

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to each other
as beloveds and partners in marriage.
We continue to strive to be sensitive to each others needs,
to be open and understanding with each other,
and to share our thoughts, our feelings,
and our experiences with each other.
We renew our promise to try always to
bring out the qualities of forgiveness, compassion,
and integrity in ourselves and in each other.
We continue to cherish each others uniqueness.
We continue to share in life’s joys and remain steadfast
and comfort each other through life’s sorrows.

Example #8

I love you.
You are my best friend.
Today I recommit myself to you and our marriage.
I promise to encourage and inspire you,
to laugh with you, and to comfort you
in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
when life seems easy and when it seems hard,
when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.
I promise to cherish you,
and to always hold you in highest regard.
These things I give to you today,
and all the days of our life.

Example #9

I love you differently than the love I had for you on our wedding day.
I want you to know that my love and commitment to you
is even stronger than it was
because of what we have shared together.
I love you more with each passing day.

Example #10

In the name of God (or Love), I _________, promise to continue to love, cherish and protect _________, whose hand I now hold, and provide for her in health and sickness, and to be true and faithful to her. I say these words because I love you, and choose to continue to live the rest of my life with you. I renew my vow to honor and respect her as my wife.

Here is a beautiful example of one couple renewing their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary. From capturing the beauty of the gown and timeless fashion of the groom, this is a great way for couples to make a recommitment of their love and marriage.

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